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Oil Free Scroll

Air Compressor


Water Cooled Vertical Oilfree Compressor

Oilfree Scroll aircompressors are of motor driven compressor with compressible air volume which consists of one stationary involute scroll disk and one scroll disk which is moved in an eccentric ,convolute and translational manner .It is a new highly efficient kind of air compressors after pison and screw compressors It has been recognized as the 4th generation compressors.

  • Water cooled, Rugged cast iron design, Ideal for heavy duty & continues operationt
  • 100% Oil free & Lubricated Compressors.
  • l Lower operating cost, Simple maintenance
  • Easy assessability of spares at economical price

Forged Crank Shaft & Connecting Rod, Precision main & Crank Pin Bearings.

Cylinders constructed with large cast in-water jackets & Specially Designed intercoolers for dimensional stability & better cooling under continues operation

Comptech Pet Package comes with built in single point water Inlet/Outlet connection and air outlet connection. It requires very little time and labour during installation. The Standard Package includes a compact skid mounted compressor, belt guard, electric motor, starter and control panel, after cooler, non return valve with optional Air Dryer, compressed air filter and Air Receiver. It's ready to use. Just plug in to power supply.

Rugged cast iron design, 100% Oil free & Lubricated Compressors

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