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Compressor that saves power - Frank air compressors

Frank Technologies is a world class manufacturers and exporter of all industrial Single stage and Multi stage reciprocating piston air compressors, High pressure Pet compressors, Industrial rotary screw compressors, Medical and Dental oil free air compressors, Scroll air Compressors, Piston and Rotary vane type Vacuum pumps, Air Receivers, Air & water Cooled After Coolers. Besides, we can also provide you the complete solution for compressed air contaminants by supplying accessories like Frank make Refrigeration and Desiccant type Air Dryers, Micro filters, Moisture separators auto drain valves and Industrial water chillers

The Reciprocating air compressors manufactured by frank compressor ensure uninterrupted operation providing the way for annual shut-down maintenance. These piston air compressor manufacturers are consistently good in quality and performance making it highly reliable.


Double end ball bearing mounted crank shaft with forged stell connecting rods is precision - ground and runs with minimum vibration.


Equalized and balanced pistons are made from aluminium material. Each piston has compression rings and oil control rings for optimum efficiency.

Connecting Rod

Forgot Steel precisely machined connecting rod with solid construction does not required adjustment. Connecting Rods big end it with needle bearing and small end is with brass bush for heavy duty operation.

Highly Reliable,
Durable and Efficient

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