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Reciprocating Piston Vacuum Pump

Our piston vacuum pumps are designed with two decades of experience for excellent performance and modest maintenance. They are widely used in hospital, Paper cone manufacturing, ceramic industries with proven performance. These pumps are designed for heavy-duty and silent operations. We are using imported piston rings in our vacuum pumps for long service intervals. These pumps can also work in a wide pressure range, making them versatile.

Frank compressors have been working for decades to endeavour battle against pollution and also helping to mould a healthy work environment for people. We believe in delivering nothing less than excellence and thrive to achieve it with our unwavering team of professionals. The products manufactured at Frank Compressors are robust, made for distinct industrial needs. With 50+ years of experience and a 50+ workforce, we create products that add value to your existing system. With the gamut of industrial and medical equipment, Frank Compressor is one of the top manufacturers of compressed air related solutions, catering to trust in the form of its products. Our R & D team thoroughly tests the manufactured pumps are thoroughly tested by our R&D Team and goes through various testing procedures to ensure the best quality possible. We envision better industrial growth, and we thrive to achieve it with our unbeatable and technologically advanced products.

Designed for Silent & continuous operation

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